We sell popular, QUALITY technology products, including the very latest gadgets that we import ourselves.

Our Services Range:

Cloud and Storage Solutions Components

Consumer Electronics

Data centre Solutions





Surveillance Products


Desktops plus Monitor Sets


Server and Server Cabinets

Cellphones and Accessories



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We believe that you will be thrilled with your Products but there may be occasions  where you feel it necessary to return an item.

We aim to keep the process as simple as possible. If you’d like to know more about our hassle-free returns process, email us on

Late Delivery & Stock Shortages

If a product you have purchased is not delivered within the agreed delivery period (or where no specific period was agreed, within 30 days after having purchased the product) you are entitled to cancel such purchase with 7 days notice to us. Should a product that you’ve ordered be out of stock we will notify you thereof, whereupon:

In the event of a temporary out-of-stock situation, you shall be entitled either to cancel the order and be fully refunded, or to maintain the sale subject to a later delivery date as may be agreed;

In the event of a permanent out-of-stock situation, you shall be entitled to be fully refunded as a result of cancellation of the sale by the seller.

Incorrect Product Delivered

If the incorrect product is delivered to you (i.e. it is not the product you ordered), please do not remove the product from its original packaging, open or use the product in any way. Please promptly contact us so that we can resolve the mistake by arranging to collect such product from you and deliver the correct product to you, as quickly as possible.

Non-defective products

Save for certain exceptions listed below, you are entitled, after your receipt of a product purchased by you, to cancel that purchase within the relevant Cooling Off Period of 7 days to obtain a full purchase price refund, subject to being charged for the courier/shipping/postage fee for the return of the product.

EXCEPTIONS: the aforesaid ability to cancel purchases of non-defective products will NOT apply in respect of the following types of products:

Books, magazines, newspapers and periodicals;
Audio or video recordings (ie CD’s or DVD’s) or computer software (ie computer games) which have been opened/un-sealed;
Note that although you are entitled to ‘cool off’ and cancel your purchase as aforesaid, the product must be returned in the condition you received it. So, if you wish to return any non-defective product delivered to you for a refund as aforesaid, please do not remove the product from its original packaging and/or use or wear the Product.

Defective Products

If, within 6 months after delivery of a product –

you find that the product is defective/faulty, or unsuitable for the purpose for which it was indicated in the product description (or otherwise generally intended), or not legal, or not reasonably durable (based on circumstances and product type) (hereinafter referred to as being “Defective”);

and the product is subsequently found –

      • to indeed be Defective, you are entitled to either (a) have the product repaired or replaced at Microgrid Global Solutions expense, 
      • NOT to be Defective, you will not be entitled to any refund, or free replacement or repair, and you will be liable for the costs incurred in having such product collected from and returned back to you. Please note that if these costs are not made within 3 months of being notified, the product will be sold to defray storage costs.

Please note: The warranty for any product is not transferable; the guarantee is valid for the original purchaser only and will expire when that customer resells the product. Customers who wish to resell products must open a wholesale account with Microgrid Solutions.

When is a Product Defective?

Please note that the following issues/problems will NOT render the product damaged, defective or unsuitable as aforesaid and will not entitle you to any repair, replacement or refund:

      • Faults resulting from normal wear and tear;
      • Where you, or someone unauthorised to do so by the seller, has altered, repaired or damaged the product (via misuse or abuse). IMPORTANT: you should refuse to accept delivery of any product which is visibly damaged, and if you only discover the damage after the courier has left (eg a cracked glass),  please let us know ASAP by emailing within 2 working days of delivery.;
      • Where a toy is not suitable for your child because of his/her age, but the toy is only suitable for children over a certain age, as may be expressly indicated, or reasonably obvious from the nature of the toy;
      • Where the colour of a product does not precisely match the colour thereof as depicted on the Website, given that the way colours reflect in product photographs on the Site is dependent on the photographic lighting that was used as well as your computer screen colour and contrast settings etc;
      • Electronic hardware or software (including computer games) purchased by you which are not compatible with your operating system and/or existing hardware . Consequently, before purchasing any electronic hardware or software, please confirm that same is compatible with your existing hardware and operating system. System requirements are usually available on the manufacturer’s website.
      • Damage arising from negligence, user abuse or incorrect usage of the product as per manual/instructions.

Products Arrive Damaged

If your products arrive damaged, missing any parts or accessories, or inoperable, then we will do our very best to resolve the issue. Please notify us within 2 working days (the sooner the better).

We will need the following information to assess where in the delivery process the damage may have occurred:
photograph of the outer box or flyer bag (including whether it has a Fragile sticker or not);
photograph of the inside of the box, including the inner packaging; and
photograph of the damaged item.

Should it be required we will arrange collection of the product from you. Once we have inspected the product or photographs and validated your return (if needed), we will, according to your preference:

replace the product (if available); or
issue a refund voucher for the purchase price of the product or
issue a refund (using the same method of payment you originally used for the purchase).
Please note that a refund is not available if the item was received as a gift.


If you want to return a product you have purchased from Microgrid Global Solutions for any reason permitted under this Refund and Returns Policy, you must in all instances first notify Microgrid Global Solutions thereof to inform us of the reason for your return by contacting us via email. Once you have successfully logged your return as aforesaid, Microgrid Solutions will arrange to collect the package from the address you supplied on your order. The collection must be confirmed by you within 7 days. Should you fail to confirm the collection within 7 days, you will then have to arrange your own courier (at your own cost) to collect the product from you and deliver to us. Should the product not be ready for collection during the arranged time, then you will have to arrange your own courier (at your own cost) to collect the product from you and deliver to us. Our courier will make only one collection attempt. Collections are arranged only when confirmed by the customer. You must ensure that the product to be collected by the courier is packed so as to comply with the following:

  • the product is properly protected i.e in a box that is secure so that the product is completely protected against any damage during transit (exactly how it was received by you from us);
  • Kindly Note that products that are damaged during transit due to poor packaging will not be accepted and the return will be rejected.
  • save where being returned due to being Defective, the product is still in its original packaging, together with all accessories, instructions and documentation (if any), and in perfect condition for the purposes of resale (ie the product must not be damaged, scratched, soiled, and in the case of electronic hardware, the adhesive screen covers must not have been removed); and
  • Order Number is accurately reflected in/on the parcel

Microgrid Global Solutions is not able to accept the return of any products which have not gone through the above process. Products returned without the above procedure being followed may be sent back to you at your expense. Please treat products and packaging with reasonable care while in your possession. Nothing herein detracts from any right Microgrid Global Solutions may have to hold you liable for any damage you cause to a product (including its packaging) while in your possession.

This Refund and Returns Policy regulates the extent to which you may cancel your purchases made on the Website and be refunded therefor, either before or after having received the product, as well as what your remedies are if the product you received is defective. It also explains the process you need to follow in order to properly cancel a purchase, report a defect, arrange for a return etc. You are not entitled to any refund, repair or replacement save to the extent that it is expressly provided for under this Refund Policy or if the seller of the product, in its sole discretion and without being obliged thereto, chooses to give you a refund, repair or replacement.


The following are the accepted payment options:

Cash payments: You can make a payement directly at our offices in cash.

Bank Transfer




You can now place that order, pick up in Harare and take in the sights. The Pick Up service is for now only available in Harare.  

How it works:
Place your order as you usually would and complete your address details in the fields provided. You will then be given the option of Couriered Delivery, Collection and Collection with Own Courier (you can also use your own courier to collect your order). Select your option that is applicable to you and  complete your payment. 

When choosing the option of having your own courier to collect your order, please ensure that the courier already has the waybill completed and that he has your order number.

We’ll send you an email when your order is ready to collect. After you have received it, the order can be collected during these times:

Monday – Friday:08h00 – 17h00

Saturday:8:00am – 12:00pm

Public Holidays & Sundays: Closed

All products are QC checked at our Warehouse and then at the Collections department. It is your responsibility or the person you nominated to collect to check the order when collecting to ensure that it is free from any superficial damage as once the product is collected it can no longer be returned due to damage or user abuse. Should the product however be defective, please log in your return as you normally would. 


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